In 2012, onion grows in area of 31 ha. Base modifications include:

- White onion:

  • Sherpa (producer Frimeko) Ad?anta VDH hybrid breeding in Rijnsburger type, very popular in Germany and England and reliable for different types of soil. The plant has a strong root system resistant to pink root rot, which allows you to grow on heavier soils or irrigated fields, and built chives is highly waxed and has a large, field tolerance to powdery mildew. The variety is a medium early, refracting chives in late August or early September. It is very suitable for long term storage. Onions are big and very hard, endure hardships mechanical harvesting and sorting later. Miedzianobr?zowa outer husk is glossy and firmly adheres to the completely white, very dense parenchyma scales.Growing season: 110-120 days, sowing 0,6-1,00 million / ha
  • Armstrong (producer Bejo): Very fertile hybrid, perfectly adapts for many years in Poland. Onions very large scenes, very hard, covered with a thick strong scales. Onion is ideal for very long-term storage.Growing season: 140 days, sowing 0,6-1,00 million / ha
  • Alonso (producer Bejo): An early variety, Onions large ball covered with strong scales to straw color. High yields under various conditions. For short storageGrowing season: 114 days, sowing 0,8-1,00 million / ha
  • Lorenzos (Nickerson-Zwaan producer): An early variety, the average long-term storage, ?