The company currently produces Daukus five different varieties of broccoli. Our product range includes varieties such as IRONMAN, MONACO, Parthenon, CHRONOS, and NAXOS.

Broccoli varieties:

        • IRONMAN F1 – is characterized by a few days shorter growing season than F1 variety LORD. It has a strong root system, it does not overwhelm the leaves of roses, and is resistant to bacterial and fungal diseases. This variety is recommended for year-round cultivation. IRONMAN Roses varieties are dark green color F1, bulky, heavy, curved and deeply embedded in high stems. Broccoli IRONMAN F1 is suitable both for processing and for fresh market, due to a different side, which is the set of education rose board. Growing season: from 62 to 78 days, the planting of 29 thousand. pcs. / ha – in the industry for 45 thousand. pcs. / ha fresh market
        • Parthenon F1 – is a variation of autumn broccoli crown, which is designed primarily for freezing. Parthenon F1 is characterized by balanced growth with strong root, which forms a large rosette of leafy upright habit. Rose color is dark green with a slight shade of steel, is made up of many small florets. This variety is recommended for planting in terms of the end of June and 15-17 July. Growing season: 75-85 days
        • CHRONOS – like the Parthenon F1, CHRONOS also is a variety of broccoli crown with a short growing season. It is characterized by high resistance and tolerance to low autumn temperatures. It has dark green dome-shaped flower with a waxy stalowoniebieskim raid. During growth, is made a strong root system, which feeds the plant very well in nutrients. Chronos has a high tolerance to such cross downy mildew, black rot cross, black cross. Growing season: 62-68 days, the deadline set – spring, late autumn
        • MONACO F1 – variety recommended for cultivation to processing, characterized by a very dense, heavy and highly embedded rose, with short g??bikach. It has a small and dark green buds. The plant has a large „vigor” and limited formation of side shoots. Growing season: 80-90 days, the time of planting: IV-VII, date of harvest: VII-X
        • NAXOS F1 – F1 variety Naxos Early fresh variety, which is designed to grow p